Visa for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife...

Why don't invite your Thai lover to visit your home country once ? All she need is just a tourist visa (holiday visa) !  

The tourist visa is only given for a certain length of time and your Thai lover must then return back to Thailand. The tourist visa does not allow your partner to work in your country because it is for a holiday only.

You just tell your Thai lover to visit our office in Udon Thani and let us do everything for her. She don't need to waste her time and money to go back and forth Udon - BKK for processing a visa.

Read our client testimonial :
Piet Voogt (from Netherland) and "Nohn" (a Thai lady in Udon Thani)
Hello Khun Dusit.

I want to thank you and your staff in Bangkok for the VISA my girlfriend have became.

I think when we have done it without you and your organisation she wouldnot get the VISA.

All my thanks for it.

She was about 20 days here in my country and she have enjoyed it very much and also i was happy to see her again.

We have done many things visit to let she many attractions here in my country.

we have had a wonderful time during her vacation in nederland

thanks for all agin.
Piet Voogt

2) Jari (from Finnland) and Eing ( A Thai girl in Udon Thani)

Great Job, Dusit !
Much appreciated your work.
And more than thousand Thai ladies !
How to use our service ?  

First, answer these questions and send email to us at

1) How do you know your Thai lover ?
2) How many time you meet each other ? Where ? How long for each time ?
3) Do you have pictures which taken togther ?
4) Do you have any coresponding letters or email with your Thai lover ?
5) Is this her first time travel outbound ?
6) Does she work in Udon Thani ? What is her job ?
7) When she plan to visit you ? How long ?
8) What is your Thai lover's name and phone number ? Can we call her and give her advise ?

Second, we will get back to you with more advises and quotation by email.

Third, pay for our service fee by wire transfer or credit card.

Fourth, your Thai lover wait for her visa by postal mail within 1-3 weeks.
What will we do for you after paid ?  

1. Collect the documents from sponsor & applicant and check detail of all documents.
2. Complete the application form.
3. Booking airline ticket and Travel insurance.
4. We practice the applicant for the pre-interview before the interview at the embassy.
5. Booking interview date.
6. Consultation all process until go to the embassy for interview.
Where are we in Udon Thani ?  

The Departure Travel (
539/47 Prosri Road, Mark-keng, Muang, Udon Thani
Tel/Fax : +6642-248007 Mobile : (083)7837733
Office Hour : 8.30 - 17.30 (sunday close)


Immigration & Visa Service
112 Maxim Building, 5FL., Room 502B Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Mobile : (086) 4700114
Office Hour : 9.00 - 17.30 (sat & sunday close)

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