Marriage Registration Service in Thailand for USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Scandinavia countries (Our Office is in Udon Thani & Bangkok)

Visa for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife...

"How do I register a marriage in Thailand ?"  

You and your partner go to our office in Bangkok (at wireless road) with the documents we have already prepared for the marriage registration, our staff then escort you to your Embassy to obtain your affidavit to marry “which means you are single”.

Because of our good relationship with all Embassies in Bangkok it is a very quick process. We then take you and your partner to the registry office to finalize the ceremony were you shall be given two original copies of the marriage certificate stamped by the registrar and complete with certified translations.

In our experience, without professional help you could be looking at hanging around Bangkok for about four days coping with the hustle and bustle, our service guarantees a pleasant and non-stress experience and all completed in one day, make it a memorable experience not a nightmare.

A Thai wedding is basically made up of two parts: the legal and the ceremonial part. In Thailand, these are totally separate. You require no paperwork to have a religious wedding ceremony in Thailand which most all Thai people have. This is considered the "real" wedding. Normally, weddings in Thailand are Buddhist. A dowry is still commonplace, but arranged marriages are not.

The legal part is performed at a local "Amphur". It is not a chattel marriage, but a contractual marriage so there are two certificates. They are, of course, in Thai writing and rather decorative.


Our expert staff, help a Thai girl from Udon Thani "Mrs. Ning " sucessfully registered a marriage certificate with a US guy who work in US embassy in Thailand on Jan,2009. (see picture)

Our 1 day express marriage registration service for foreigner and Thai includes preparation of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry, translation of the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry into Thai, legalization of the translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, preparation of documents using to register your marriage at the District Office, accompanying you to register your marriage at district office in Bangkok, translation of Marriage Certificate and Marriage Addendum into English, legalization of the translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and giving or mailing the legalized translation to you.

How to use our service ?  

First, answer these questions and send email to us at

1) When you want to make a registration ?
2) Where you want to make a registraton , in Udon Thani or Bangkok ?
3) What is your Thai wife's name and phone number ? Can we call her and give her advise ?
4) Which country do you come from ?

Second, we will get back to you with more advises and quotation by email.

Third, pay for our service fee by wire transfer or credit card and get start.

Where are we in Udon Thani ?  

The Departure Travel (
539/47 Prosri Road, Mark-keng, Muang, Udon Thani
Tel/Fax : +6642-248007 Mobile : (083)7837733
Office Hour : 8.30 - 17.30 (sunday close)

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112 Maxim Building, 5FL., Room 502B Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
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