Visa for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife...

Are you looking for someone in Udon Thani to help your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife sucessfully apply for a visa ?  

Trying to obtain a Visa for your Thai girlfriend, Thai wife or Thai boyfriend can be a terrible experience. The USA, UK, Australia, Europe and Scandinavia countries have constantly changing immigration laws and mountains of paper work. One simple mistake and the application can easily be rejected! Leaving your Thai girlfriend in Thailand and you stuck at home. provided visa services to all countries. Your Thai lover don't need to waste her time and money to go back and forth Udon - BKK for processing a visa. You just tell her to visit our office in Udon Thani and let us do everything for her.
managed by "The Departure Travel", a travel & tour agency company in Udon Thani. We have main office in Bangkok which close to many embassies.It's quite complicated for your Thai lover to apply a visa but very easy for us because our staff daily walk in and out every embassies in Bangkok. Your Thai lover just wait for the visa in Udon Thani.

For over 8 years, we have helped thousands of Thai girlfriends and Thai wifes to successfully be issued with the travel visa they need including marriage visa (settlement visa), fiancee visa, tourists visa (holiday visa) to places including the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and the Scandinavia countries...

Pictures worth more than a thousand words !  
Here are our successfully visa application services for many Thais.
Tourist visa to German Tourist visa to UK
Tourist visa to USA Marriage visa to Belgium
Fiance'e visa to USA (K1) Fiance'e visa to USA (K1)
Our Services :

Tourist Visa Service :

Visa application form assistance
Supporting documents completed by our staff
Document review by our professional staff
Express services and prompt return of your passport/visa
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Fiancee And Marriage Visas K1 , K2, K3, assistance
Giving Consultation
Contact your Fiancee
Preparation of USCIS petition all the application form
Review of data from your fiancee
Supporting Document Advice
Filing of USCIS petition
Monitoring USCIS petition
Embassy Forms Preparation
Contact with US Embassy
Police Clearance Report Assistance
Medical Examination Assistance
Embassy Interview Preparation
All the Thai official documents translation
Taking care your fiancee untill completing process
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Express Marriage Registration in 2 days
We provide interpretation for marriage registration
Our staff will accompany you to the embassy requesting for afidavit for freedom to marry
Our services cover all district and government fees
Free marriage certificate translation
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Translations services :
We provide accurate translations on report, general article, manual and visa documents, certified by translator and legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies.

Free visa consultation service :

Please send email to us with answers of theses questions then we will get back to you within 24 hours. (email to visa @

1) How do you know your Thai lover ?
2) How many time you meet each other ? Where ? How long for each time ?
3) Do you have pictures which taken togther ?
4) Do you have any coresponding letters or email with your Thai lover ?
5) Is this her first time travel outbound ?
6) Does she work in Udon Thani ? What is her job ?
7) When she plan to visit you ? How long ?
8) What is your Thai lover's name and phone number ? Can we call her and give her advise ?

Where are we in Udon Thani ?
The Departure Travel (
539/47 Prosri Road, Mark-keng, Muang, Udon Thani
Tel/Fax : +6642-248007 Mobile : (083)7837733
Office Hour : 9.00 - 17.00 (sunday close)

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